McHugh, Colleen
RNA-protein interactions; Assembly of RNPs; Structural biology of multimeric complexes

Contact Information
Assistant Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry

Office: Urey Hall 6206
Phone: 858-822-1995
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2011 Ph.D., Johns Hopkins University
2002 B.A., Hood College
2018 Assistant Professor, University of California San Diego
2013 Postdoctoral Fellow, California Institute of Technology
Research Interests
Our lab studies the assembly of non-coding RNA and protein complexes in mammalian cells, particularly long ncRNAs associated with human cancers. We use a combination of tools including mass spectrometry, electron microscopy and crystallography to identify direct protein interaction partners of lncRNAs and elucidate the molecular structures of lncRNA-protein complexes. Ultimately, we seek to uncover the mechanisms by which ncRNAs coordinate protein localization and complex assembly, and understand the connection between dysregulation of ncRNA function and cancer progression.
Primary Research Area
Interdisciplinary interests
Macromolecular Structure
Cellular Biochemistry

Outreach Activities
Our laboratory group participates in outreach activities and events to connect the public with scientific concepts and the scientific method through the American Chemical Society and the San Diego Fleet Science Center.
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