Siegel, Dionicio
Complex Molecule Synthesis

Contact Information
Associate Professor, School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Science

Office: Skaggs/Pharmaceutical Sci Bldg4272
Phone: 858-822-3666
2003 PhD, Chemistry, Harvard University
1997 BA, Chemistry, Reed College
Research Interests
The Siegel group is focused on complex molecule synthesis and the use of state of the art methods in organic synthesis to deliver new compounds with translational potential. The laboratory’s capabilities in developing efficient platforms to access rare, complex natural products leads into optimization and characterization of the compounds’ biological effects.
Interdisciplinary interests

Outreach Activities
To encourage diversity and careers in science, the Californian Shaman program provides high school students with research opportunities in multiple scientific disciplines and has been designed to afford lasting educational experiences that positively influence student professional development. Through a unique combination of hands-on laboratory experience and fieldwork, pre-college students engage in participant-directed projects that foster science self-efficacy and self-identification as scientists and provide the motivation and skills that enable students to have a careers in STEM discipline.
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