Slade, Jonathan
Physical and Analytical Atmospheric Chemistry: Multiphase Chemistry and Kinetics of Atmospheric Aerosols and Trace Gases, and their Impacts on Air Quality and Climate

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William A. Lee Assistant Professor of Chemistry

Office: Urey Hall Addn 3050F
Phone: 858-534-8972
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2015 Ph.D., Atmospheric Chemistry, State University of New York at Stony Brook (Stony Brook University)
2009 M.Sc., Chemistry, Purdue University
2007 B.Sc., Chemistry, Winthrop University
2018-present Assistant Professor, Chemistry, University of California San Diego
2015-2018 Postdoctoral Research Associate, Chemistry, Purdue University
Awards and Academic Honors
William A. Lee Chancellor's Endowed Junior Faculty Fellow
Best Doctoral Thesis Award
Atmospheric Chemistry Colloquium for Emerging Senior Scientists (ACCESSXIII)
National Science Foundation Biosphere and Atmosphere Research and Training (NSF-BART) Summer Fellow
Research Interests
Air/water pollution and climate change are global issues, requiring immediate attention and innovative cross-disciplinary research to understand and mitigate their effects on our planet. To this end, the Slade lab studies fundamental chemical and physical processes affecting the formation, evolution, toxicity, and climate properties of atmospheric aerosols. We are interested in applying and developing novel analytical methodologies (e.g., in mass spectrometry) to understand the detailed multiphase chemistry and kinetics of organic aerosol formation and interactions with gas-phase oxidants and reactive semivolatile species in different environments (urban, coastal, forested, and biomass burning). Our three main thrusts involving both laboratory and field work currently are (1) reactive organic nitrogen multiphase chemistry of urban secondary organic aerosol, (2) chemical aging and toxicity studies of emerging priority chemicals in marine aerosol, and (3) fundamental interrelationships between aerosol phase and composition.
Primary Research Area
Physical/Analytical Chemistry
Interdisciplinary interests
Atmospheric and Environmental
Physical Organic

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Diurnal rhythms of phase and composition of atmospheric aerosol in a mixed forest environment. Reproduced from Slade et al., [2018] (unpublished).

Second-generation oxidation reactions and particle-phase chemistry of organic nitrates following the nitrate radical oxidation of gamma-terpinene. Reproduced from Slade et al., Atmos Chem Phys [2017].

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