Wang, Dong
Transcription, Epigenetics, Chromatin Biology, DNA repair

Contact Information
Professor, School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Science

Office: Skaggs/Pharmaceutical Sci Bldg2266
Phone: 858-822-5561
2009 Postdoc, Stanford University
2004 Ph.D., MIT
1998 B.Sc., Peking University
2015 Associate Professor, UCSD
2010 Assistant Professor, UCSD
Awards and Academic Honors
OKeanos-CAPA Young Investigator Award at the Chemical and Biology Interface, CAPA
Kimmel Scholar Award, The Sidney Kimmel Foundation for Cancer Research
K99/R00 NIH Pathway to Independence Award
Career Development Program Special Fellow Award, Leukemia & Lymphoma Society
Research Interests
Our research interests focus on the interfaces between Chemistry and Biology. In particular, we are interested in understanding the fundamental mechanisms of transcription process and its functional interplay with epigenetic and chromatin regulation, as well as DNA lesion recognition and repair during transcription.

My group takes a multidisciplinary approach, combining structural biology, chemical biology, computational biology, biochemical, and genetic methods, to study key protein complexes involved in these processing pathways. The results will have implications for transcription regulation, DNA damage recognition and DNA repair. Moreover, understanding how cells process these DNA lesions during transcription will help us to decipher the mechanisms of drug action and resistance and pave the way for rational improvement of novel anticancer drugs.

For more details of my research, please see my lab website.
Interdisciplinary interests
Macromolecular Structure
Cellular Biochemistry

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Wang Lab Research Interests and Approaches

Chemical Biology Approach to Study DNA Demethylation Pathway

RNA Pol II Pauses at a 5CaC site

Selected Publications