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The Division of Chemistry and Biochemistry would like to provide you with links to
services and programs that may guide you in your academic and career success.

Academic & Career Resources

TritonLink Tools 

Access online tools for students including Advising, Classes & Enrollment, Financial tools, and Grades & Transcripts.

Career Tools

A suite of tools that range from Career Assessment & Exploration, Job Search tools, Interview Prep, and Networking.

Engaged Learning Tools

A suite of tools to help students navigate finding a job (REAL Portal), marketing their
experiences to future employers (Portfolium), validates their Co-Curricular Experiences
on campus(CCR), and lastly, provides additional contextual information about a student’s
courses and instructors (Enhanced Electronic Transcript.)


Chem 6A-B-C Help Room

TAs and Tutors in the specified Chemistry 6A-B-C classes on the chart (see link) do not hold office hours, but instead are part of the team coverage of Help Room. Students may seek assistance at Help Room from any TA or Tutor affiliated with a particular course number. For example, all Chem 6A students may go to Help Room whenever a Chem 6A TA or Tutor is on the schedule. For courses not covered by Help Room, students may meet with their section's TA or Tutor during office hours as announced in class.

Help Room Coverage by Quarter:

  • Fall: Chem 6A
  • Winter: Chem 6A and 6B
  • Spring: Chem 6B and 6C

Location: York Hall 4020A & 4020B



OASIS Math and Science Workshops are structured group-learning study-sessions led by a tutor who explains course concepts and encourages a collaborative learning environment.

Each workshop session is 2 hours and meets twice a week. Attendance is mandatory.


Teaching + Learning Commons 

Math and Science Supplemental Instruction (SI) Meetings

The SupplementaI Instruction (SI) program provides academic support for students who are enrolled in courses that have been challenging to students in the past.  SI Leaders attend all lectures alongside the students who are enrolled in the course, so they always know what is happening in the class. In SI sessions, SI Leaders do not re-lecture or introduce new material. Rather, SI Leaders are trained to maximize active student involvement with the course material and to integrate how-to-learn with what-to-learn; as a result, students who attend SI sessions understand the material better.

Math and Science Tutoring Drop-Ins

Tutors will assist students who drop by on a first-come/first-helped basis.  There may be a short wait if many students are seeking tutoring for the same course. The tutor may assist up to 3 students at a time for the same course in 30 minute sessions or slightly longer if no students are waiting.