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Institutes and Centers

The Synthetic Biology Institute is home to interdisciplinary researchers who are motivated to “join forces” to solve hard problems in biotechnology. They represent the fields of molecular and micro-biology, biochemistry, bioengineering, physics, applied mathematics, and computer science.

Synthetic Biology can be broadly defined as the use of modern technologies and computation to engineer biology to solve problems related to the environment and human health. This is accomplished by adding or enhancing the functionality of existing organisms or cells, or by creating “cell free” biochemical systems that use genetic elements taken from living systems.

Center for Aerosol Impacts on Climate and the Environment
The Center for Aerosol Impacts on Climate and the Environment (CAICE) is a Phase I Center for Chemical Innovation funded by the National Science Foundation. The investigators intend to explore the role of atmospheric aerosol in our changing climate from a fundamental chemistry perspective using both experimental and theoretical methods.

Lipid Maps Institute
The Lipidomics Gateway: a free, comprehensive website for researchers interested in lipid biology. Use the site to stay abreast of developments each month from across the field, and explore the rich information collections, tools and resources from the LIPID MAPS consortium.

The San Diego Center for Systems Biology
Under the umbrella of Systems Biology the biological and biomedical sciences are being revolutionized by unprecedented experimental tools that enable genome-wide, high throughput dynamic measurements and perturbations, and the engineering of genetic circuits, cells and tissues.